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The project of hot pot equipment in Vietnam -CENHOT

Sep 26,2021.
Project overview:Time: 2017

Restaurant owner: David

Restaurant Hot Pot Equipment Products:

Chinese Hot Pot Induction Cooker In Bulk -CENHOT: 320*320mm

Square Mental Hot Pot Table For Sale Supplier CH-T24-CENHOT:1.6x0.9m,(the size can be customized)

Chinese Commercial Dining Chairs Wholesale: Conventional(size can be customized)

Tableware: You can consult us for styles and the logo can be customized

Background: David was our one of the customers who wanted to purchase some hot pot equipment for his restaurant in Vietnam. In June 10th, 2017, David found us, through in-depth communication and understanding, we knew his idea about hot pot restaurant. One of the most essential thing is purchasing the suitable hot pot equipment.

Scheme feature: Eating hot pot is a very enjoyable process. At that time, David wanted to purchase some hot pot equipment in China. We would be professional enough to give him some suggestions for his reference.

CENHOT is a company that produces and exports catering equipment, specializing in induction cookers, smokeless hot pot and BBQ equipment, BBQ grills, tables and chairs, cookwares and so on. If you are interested in them or other products, you can contract us.

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