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Smokeless Hot Pot and BBQ Equipment Project In Philippine-CENHOT

Jul 31,2021.
Project overview:Time: 2020

Restaurant owner:Jeanette

Restaurant Hot Pot & BBQ Equipment Products:

Smokeless Hot Pot With Induction Cooker:320X320mm,2800w.

New Electric Smokeless Korean BBQ Grill: 515*390*155mm, 2000w.

Smokeless Hot Pot&BBQ Grill Equipment Purifier: 510*360*420mm, 120w.

Built-in Korean Hot Pot Grills Tables:1.2x0.8m, 1.3x0.9m,materials:marble table top + iron table base

Hot pot restaurant booth: solid wood frame+ high density foam=PU leather; booth sizes are customized.

Hot pot cookware: materirals: stainlsee steel; pots sizes:360mm.

Hot Pot Steel Rings:390*390mm.

Background:Jeanette is our client who wanted to open a hot pot restaurant in Philippines. In March 2019, Jeanette contracted us and told us his idea. According to his thought, we came up with a professional design scheme suitable for him.

Scheme feature: Eating hot pot and barbecue is a very enjoyable process. Now Jeanette wants to open a new hot pot and BBQ restaurant. We will be professional enough to help him  open the new hot pot and BBQ restaurant.

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